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Iz ponude Knjižare „Magelan“ sa velikim zadovoljstvom izdvajamo kolekciju starih i retkih knjiga na srpskom jeziku..



Sa ponosom Vam predstavljamo Web lokacije koje volimo i rado posećujemo...


Iz ponude Knjižare „Magelan“ sa velikim zadovoljstvom izdvajamo kolekciju starih i retkih knjiga na engleskom jeziku.

Od 80 do 100:


80. Chastel, Andre : « Italian Art » (Š – 2529 ; DB – 03-494)
Publisher : Faber and Faber, London, 1972
Pages : 526
Price : 1900 RSD
World, Art

« A triumph of civilized publishing… Architecture, sculpture and painting in Italy from the early Christian period to the present day are surveyed and there is comment on furniture, goldsmiths ‘ work, ceramics, glass and engraving. Illustrations in colour and monochrome, text figures and maps, bibliography, biographical notes and topographical index support Professor Chastel’s admirably translated prose » - The Times


81. Sherry, Frank : « Pacific Passions » ( Š – 1360 ; DB – 01-196)
Publisher : William Morrow and Co., New York, 1994
Pages : 431
Price : 1500 RSD

At its widest point north and south the Pacific Ocean measures 8, 350 nautical miles – from the Bering Strait to Antarctica. At its widest point east and west it stretches some 9,300 nautical miles – from Panama to the Philippines. Its 64,186,000 square miles dwarf all the land surfaces of the planet combined, as well as all other seas.
Until 1513 no white men ever knew it existed.
The discovery of the Pacific astonished Europe and began a new age of exploration. For the next 250 years, the Pacific drew brave men and cowards, the wise and the witless, pirates and patriots, all chasing their own dreams. In the course of their adventuring, they wrought a wondrous tale.


82. Winchester, Simon : « Atlantic – A Vast Ocean of a Million Stories » (Š- 2251 ; DB – 01-389)
Publisher : Harper Press, London, 2010
Pages : 498
Price : 1500 RSD

In this narrative tour the force, Simon Winchester dramatises the life story of the Atlantic, from its birth in the farther recesses of geological time to its eventual extinction millions of years in the future. At the heart of the book is the story of humankind’s evolving attitude to and relationship with the ocean. For millennia it has shaped the lives and cultures of those who have lived along its shores and have navigated its waters.
Travelling around its edges and across its huge expanse, Winchester reports from the places that encapsulate the Atlantic’s most fascinating stories – the age of exploration and the colonisation of the Americas ; the rise and fall of the slave trade, and the flourishing of transatlantic commerce ; extraordinary tales of sea-borne emigration ; and the great naval battles that have left an indelible imprint on Atlantic history.


83. Wint, Guy : « Asia – A Handbook » ( Š-2568 ; DB – 03-525)
Publisher : Anthony Blond, London, 1965
Pages : 856
Price : 1200 RSD
This is a unique reference book covering the entire continent from Pakistan to Japan. This book is in four parts as follows : basic information about each country in statistical form ; surveys of the history and development of each country ; essays on political and economic affairs, minorities and disputed areas, social patterns, the intelligentsia, mass media, religion, art, literature, Asian attitudes to the rest of the world and vice versa ; and an appendix giving selected texts of important post-war treaties and agreements. There is a map of each country, a bibliography following each chapter and a full index.


84. O’Hanlon, Redmond : « Congo Journey » ( Š-2286 ; DB – 01-424)

Publisher : Hamish Hamilton, London, 1996
Pages : 472
Price : 1500 RSD
World, Travel

Ostensibly a quest for Mokele-mbembe, the Congo dinosaur (whose secret becomes clear), this story of travel through the jungle and swamp forests of the northern Congo is Tolstoyan in its depth, scope and range of characters, and as vivid as Nabokov in its image and detail. A portrait of a country, it is alive with natural history : eagles and parrots, hornbills and sunbirds ; forest cobras and crocodiles ; gorillas, chimpanzees, monkeys, swamp antelope, forest elephants – and one Giant Gambian rat.  A search for the meaning of sorcery, the purpose of religion, it is also an adventure told with great narrative force.
Of course, there is a darker side to Congo, and that, too, is recorded here…


85. Hanbury-Tenison, Robert : « The Oxford Book of Exploration » (Š- 2135 ; DB- 01-356)
Publisher : BCA, 1993, Oxford
Pages : 530
Price : 2500 RSD
Travel, Exploration

Selected by Robin Hanbury-Tenison, whom The Sunday Times called the « greatest explorer of the last twenty years », this is the first comprehensive anthology of the writings of explorers through the ages. The ultimate travel writing, these are the words of those who changed the world through their pioneering search for new lands, new peoples, and new experiences.
Divided into geographical sections, the book takes us to Asia with Vasco da Gama, Francis Younghusband and Wilfrid Thesiger, to the Americas with Cortes, Frobisher and Cabot, to the Pacific with Drake, Banks and Bougainville, to Africa with Burton, Livingstone and Stanley, and to the Poles with Peary, Amundsen and Scott.


86. Boorstin, Daniel J. : «The Discoverers » (Š- 1245 ; DB – 00-844)
Publisher : Random House, New York, 1983
Pages : 745
Price : 2000 RSD

« The Discoverers » is a vivid, sweeping , and original history of man’s greatest adventure : his search to discover the world around him – the relationship of the heavens to his own planet, the elusive and mysterious dimension of time, the vast and colourful range of plants and animals. His flair for the vivid anecdote, for fresh points of view, and for the dramatic relationship of ideas has made him the most readable of our eminent historians.
He puts flesh on many familiar names – Herodotus, Thucydides, Ptolemy, Galen, Marco Polo, Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, Newton, Darwin, Faraday, Marx, Freud – and resurrects from almost forgotten history some truly remarkable figures.
Why didn’t the Chinese discover America ? How did the study of economics begin ? These are but a few of the fascinating questions that Dr. Boorstin answers in The Discoveries.


87. Eco, Umberto : « The Island of the Day Before » (Š- 2548 ; DB – 00-778)
Publisher : Secker & Warburg, London, 1995
Pqges : 515
Price : 1500 RSD

Take The Ancient Mariner, Robinson Crusoe, medieval legends and dastardly deeds, and combine them with liberal portions of suspense, romance and intellectual excitement in a marvellous seafaring adventure – a quest for exotic Pacific islands and for answers to eternal questions. What is matter ? God ? Love ? Set in the seventeenth century, in Italy, France and on the high seas, Umberto Eco’s brilliant new nove lis full of the many elements that have delighted his millions of readers worldwide – philosophy, natural history, courtly love, theology, political intrigue, cosmology, delightful puns, puzzles and high-spirited humour – all enchantingly, beautifully written.
The year is 1643. Roberto, a young nobleman, survives war, the Bastille, exile and shipwreck, and meets inventors of fantastical machines, a wounded dog, a mad Jesuit priest, an even madder Englishman, his elusive and beloved Lilia, and the mystic Dove as he voyages to a pacific island straddling the date meridian. There he waits now, alone on the mysteriously deserted daphne, anchored just across the date-line from an island bounded by treacherous reefs : the island of the day before. If he could reach it, time – and his misfortunes – might be reversed. But first, he must learn to swim…


88. Terrill, Marshall : « Steve McQueen – Portrait of an American Rebel » (Š- 2277 ; DB – 01-415)
Publisher : Plexus, London, 2005
Pages : 485
Price : 1900 RSD

One of the most volatile and misunderstood artists of his generation, Steve McQueen, rose from the tough life of an Indianapolis street kid to become Hollywood’s most sought-after, highest paid movie star. Marshall Terrill’s Steve McQueen : Portrait of an American Rebel cronicles the life and times of a man whose power bot on an off-camera is legendary.
This definitive biography relates vivid, firsthand accounts of McQueen’s extraordinary career, and digs deep into his personal and professional relationships with such fellow actors as Ali MacGraw, Dustin Hoffman, Edward G. Robinson and Ann-Margret, all of whom have ranked him one of the best actors in film history.
This book leaves readers with the impression that they have met the man, shared some of his grief, his joy and learned about the small-town rebel who kept so many millions spellbound.


89. George, Boy : « Take It Like a Man » -The Autobiography of Boy George ( Š- 2247 ; DB – 01-385)
Publisher : Sidgwick and Jackson, London, 1995
Pages : 490
Price : 1900 RSD

« Do You Really Want To Hurt Me ? » In 1982 he waltzed into our lives with a flick of his locks and a lash of his tongue – an unlikely pop icon in his Hasidic hat and quasi-religious robes. His beguiling melodies and impertinent one-liners seduced an unsuspecting nation. « Is it a boy, Is it a girl ? » they cried.
Take It Like a Man tells the story of the craziness of the highs and lows, the family struggles, bully boys and transvestites, friends, lovers and an obsessive media infatuation. George O’Dowd went through the agony of withdrawal, and re-evaluated his life. He found a new peace and sharpened creativity. It is an unfinished journey.


90. Ashe, Geoffrey : « Mythology of the British Isles » ( Š-2729 ; DB – 03-749)
Publisher : Methuen, London, 1996
Pages : 303
Price : 1500 RSD

Geoffrey Ashe’s lavishly illustrated Mythology of the British Isles retells the legendary history of Britain and uncovers a national mythology which is comparable to that of the Greeks in its richness and cohesiveness. Recounting stories and legends from the dark centuries of british prehistory to the ninth century AD – tales of giants and fairies, druids and saints, King Lear, King Arthur and Old King Cole – he shows how they all interrelate and take on fresh significance from historical and archaeological research.
Organized into a clear and simple system, the myth or theme first, followed by the discussion or analysis, this powerful and innovative work will be of equal value to the specialist and the casual reader.


91. Flude, Kevin : « Divorced, Beheaded, Died… » ( Š-1689 ; DB – 01-150)
Publisher : Michaeil O’Hara Books, London, 2009
Pages : 168
Price : 1000 RSD

From Henry VIII dispatching his numerous wives to Edward VIII’s unprecedented abdication, Britain’s monarchs have personally been responsible for shaping some of the most dramatic events in the nation’s history. Encompassing murder, civil war, adultery, usurpation and madness, Divorced, Beheaded, Died… relates the extraordinary stories of all of England’s kings and queens, plus some of the less well-known Scots and Welsh rulers. Written with a lively wit yet stuffed full of useful facts, this essential guide contains everything you need to know about one of the longest-running monarchies in the world.


92. Coleman, Ray : « Lennon » ( Š-1870 ; DB – 06-319)


Publisher : Harper Perennial, London, 1992
Price : 1200 RSD
Pages : 767

Completely revised and updated, this edition of « Lennon » stands as the definitive life of the most complex and fascinating of the Beatles.
Ray Coleman, former editor-in-chief of England’s Melody Maker magazine and a friend of the Beatles since their early days, has drawn on previously unmind family papers, photographs, and extensive interviews to create the most balanced and comprehensive biography of this influential musician.


93. D’Ancona, Jacob : « The City of Light » ( Š-2694 ; DB – 03-617)
Publisher : Little, Brown and Company , London, 1997
Pages : 392
Price : 2500 RSD

In 1990 distinguished academic David Selbourne was shown a remarkable manuscript which had been hidden from public view for over seven centuries. In it a scholarly Jewish merchant called Jacob described how in 1270 he had set out on a voyage from Italy, arriving in China at the coastal metropolis of Zaitun, the « City of Light », in 1271 – four years before Marco Polo’s arrival at Xanadu in 1275.
Jacob’s participation in the internal political battles of Zaitun, where the merchant class debated civic responsibility and public morality with sages and scholars, reveals medieval opinions in the debate on the role of the individual in society in arguments of enduring relevance. He also sheds unique light on the relationship between Jews, christians and saracens during the Middle Ages. Jacob also exposes his own fears and dreams, opinions and inner life, presenting an unusual combination of piety and intelligent scepticism, rational curiosity and moral orthodoxy.


94. Sachar, Howard M. : « The Course of Modern Jewish History » (Š-  1283 ; DB – 00-832)
Publisher : Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London, 1958
Pages : 607
Price : 2000 RSD

From the days of the French Revolution to the present time of struggle in Israel, the history of the Jews is traced in this comprehensive one-volume survey. With unusual clarity Dr Sachar demonstrates how political, economic, and cultural factors brought about the emancipation of the Jews from their medieval ghetto world into their world of today.
The author discusses the emergence of the European nation-state and its importance in awakening Jewish nationalism, which led to the rise of Zionism and ultimately to the founding of the republic of Israel. There are illuminating chapters on the migrations and settlement of Jews in America, the conditions of life faced by Jewish communities throughout the world, the emergence of anti-Semitism and its peculiar inter-relationship with modern totalitarianism.


95. Herm, Gerhard : « The Celts (The People Who Came Out of the Darkness) » (Š-  1285 ; DB – 00-864)


Publisher : Book Club Associates, London, 1976
Pages : 311
Price : 1500 RSD

Gerhard Herm has studied the history of this enigmatic people for many years. He brings to life the vivid story not only of their wars and battles but also of their mythology, their social forms and customs, and their art. Their stylized, decorative and expressionist art, unique in the European art of the time, is being increasingly recognized as the first great artistic achievement north of the Alps since Ice Age art. The author also looks at the evocative and fascinating legend of the Celtic court of King Arthur and the astonishing fact that a people who entered the European landscape as barbaric head-hunters should leave it as Christian knights.


96. Hitti, Philip K. : « History of the Arabs » ( Š- 1273 ; DB – 00-807)
Publisher : Macmillan, London, 1986
Pages : 822
Price : 1500 RSD

This authoritative study of the Arabians and the Arabic-speaking peoples is the grrat source of information on Arabic history . It is not specifically for scholars, and contains much to satisfy idle curiosity, though it is a work of great thoroughness and insight. Here is the story of the rise of Islam in the Middle Ages, its conquests, its empire, its time of greatness and of decay, unrolling one of the richest and most instructive panoramas in history.


97. Ward, Jackson and Harvey, Denis, E.: « The English Gipsy Caravan » (Š – 1418 ; DB – 01-181)
Publisher : Country Book Club, UK, 1973
Pages : 215
Price : 1500 RSD

Horse-drawn living waggons have been in use for at least 150 years, and the best were built in Victorian England, notably in the last quarter of the 19th century. The people of the roads called their home the waggon, van or wardo, but house-dwellers calle dit the gypsy caravan. For the gypsies it was their most valued possession. Distinctive, functional and handsome, it would be hard to find a better symbol of the travelling people. Few now travel the roads, and many are museum pieces ; but it is still possible to buy a new caravan or restore one.
In this book the authors define the wagon’s characteristics, outline its history and technology, recall its builders and describe the six main types – their decoration, construction, furnishing and conservation.


98. Richard, Sir Burton : « Arabian Nights (The Book of a Thousand Nights and a Night) (Š – 2564 ; DB – 00-926)
Publisher : Bracken Books, London, 1994.
Pages : 600
Price : 2500 RSD

The origins of the Arabian Nights are lost in antiquity. First translated into a European language by teh Frenchman Antoine Galland in the 18th century, many of the characters in the tales have become household names. Moreover, as Burton himself said , all the splendour and squalor, the beauty and the baseness, the glamour and grotesqueness… of Oriental life are here . »
This volume contains such classics as « The Porter and the Three Ladies of Baghdad », « The Hunchback’s Tale », the marvellous « Voyages » of Sindbad , and that great favourite, « Ali Baba and the Fourty Thieves ». To preserve the chronology of the original, the stories are presented in the order in which they first appeared.


99. Gunther, John : « Inside Latin America » (Š – 2257 ; DB – 01-395)
Publisher : Hamish Hamilton, London, 1942
Pages : 388
Price : 1500 RSD

From Mexico through Central and South America, Gunther takes you into every nation on the American continent excepting only the United States and Canada, explaining its policies, its peoples and how each affects the world.  He writes with a combination of breezy informality, simplicity and personal enthusiasm. Millions of readers throughout the world have taken the Europe and Asia into their minds through his help. He is reporter-educator,and because of his own interest he is interesting.


100. Fraser, John Foster : « Round the World on a Wheel » (Š – 1383 ; DB – 00-890)
Publisher : Futura, Lo,don, 1989
Pages : 512
Price : 1000 RSD

On a rainy Friday morning in July, 1896, John Foster Fraser and his two companions set out to bicycle around the world. Their journey spanned seventeen countries, covering 19,287 miles in 774 days – at that time the longest ride on record. They and their bicycles travelled by tram, boat and by sledge through Siberia, and made a dash across Manchuoua, which was then closed to foreigners. Eventually arriving in California, they cycled across the United States and down New York’s own Broadway.
Told with wit and charm and a certain arrogance, ROUND THE WORLD ON A WHEEL is both a classic travel book and the vivid portrait of a bygone age.



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