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Iz ponude Knjižare „Magelan“ sa velikim zadovoljstvom izdvajamo kolekciju starih i retkih knjiga na srpskom jeziku..



Sa ponosom Vam predstavljamo Web lokacije koje volimo i rado posećujemo...


Iz ponude Knjižare „Magelan“ sa velikim zadovoljstvom izdvajamo kolekciju starih i retkih knjiga na engleskom jeziku.

Od 1 do 10:


1. Huntford, Roland: „Scott and Amundsen – Their Race To the South Pole (The Last Place on Earth)“,  with introduction by Paul Theroux (06-322, š-1886); Publisher:  Abacus, London, 2003; 600p, paperback, in excellent condition

Price: 1500 RSD
Travel, Polar

In this remarkable dual biography, Roland Huntford  re-examines every detail of the great race to the South Pole between the Britain Robert Scott and the Norwegian Roald Amundsen. This polar quest was an unambiguous race to be the first at the South Pole. Scott, who died along with four of his men, became Britain's beloved failure, while Amundsen, who beat Scott and returned alive, was forgotten. „The Last Place on Earth“ captures the driving ambitions of the era and the complex men who were charged with carrying them out. This gripping and highly readable book caused an uproar when it first appeared in Britain.

„ A remarkably vivid picture of the agonies and feuds, as well as the joys, of polar exploration...a fascinating book“  - New York Times


2. French, Patrick: „Tibet, Tibet“ (00-847, Š-1269); Vintage Books, New York, 2004

Pages: 326, paperback, in excellent condition

Price: 800 RSD

Patrick French has been fascinated by Tibet since he was a teenager. He has read its history, agitated for its freedom, and risked arrest to travel through its remote interior. His love and knowledge inform every page of this literate and impassioned book.
Talking with nomads and buddhist nuns, exiles and collaborators, French portrays a nation demoralized by a half-century of Chinese occupation and forced to depend on the patronage of Western dilettantes. He demolishes many of the myths about Tibet – including those centering around the figure of Dalai Lama. „Tibet, Tibet“ is a work of extraordinary power and insight that combines the best of history, travel writing and memoir.

„Eloquent, insightful, profoundly considered and superbly informed, „Tibet, Tibet“ is one of the best books you will find on this tragic and moving subject“ The Age


3. Lauritzen, Peter:  “ Venice- A Thousand Years of Culture And Civilization” (01-410,        Š-2272);  Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London, 1978.

Pages: 232; hardcover, in good condition, 24 pages of black-and–white illustrations

Price: 1400 RSD
World, History

In this book the author recounts the rich history and evokes the extraordinary atmosphere of the thousand-year Republic which produces so much beauty. Against the background of the Republic’s rise from a lagoon settlement to a great imperial power, her decay and collapse in 1797, the author describes the works of the men of genius – artists such as Giovanni and Gentile Bellini, Canaletto, Rosalba Carriera, Giorgione, Tiepolo, Tintoretto and Titian; architects such as Longhena, Palladio, Sanmichele and Sansovino; musicians such as Vivaldi and Monteverdi – who together created one of the great cultures of the western world. The history of this supremely visual civilization is completed by photographs of the treasures which crowd this most beautiful of cities.


4. Morton, W. Scott: “Japan- Its History And Culture” (00-843, Š-1281); Readers Union, Great Britain, 1974

Pages: 243; hardcover, in excellent condition

Price: 1500 RSD
World, History

Everyone who wishes to understand the remarkable elan that has impelled this vigorous people through their long history will welcome this short and readable story of the nation and its culture. It approaches history as a whole, accompanying the framework of political events and institutional change with a discussion of the cultural, spiritual, artistic and social life distinctive to Japan. Professor Morton gives equal emphasis to all periods and all important phases of the country’s history, presenting a rich and well-illustrated panorama of a vital society. A glossary of terms and a chronological table add to the value of this important book.


5. Unsworth, Walt:  “Everest” (03-415, Š - 2020);  The Oxford illustrated Press, England, 1989.

Pages: 703, hardcover, in excellent condition

Price: 1900 RSD
Travel, Expedition

When this book first appeared in 1981 it received universal praise. It told for the first time the truth about many of the world’s mountaineering heroes, about the incompetence, the pettiness and rages as well as the courage, the skill and altruism that has gone into attempts to climb the mountain. By giving the heroes a human dimension the author has succeeded in making their achievements even more impressive than before. Since the first edition appeared, the whole northern and eastern sides of the mountain have been opened to Western climbers by the Chinese, resulting in a huge upsurge in activity. The Americans, Russians, Poles, Yugoslavs and others have done astonishing new routes; the mountain has been soloed and even climbed in a day! The author chooses the most significant of these events to bring the story up to date. With extensive appendices, radically revised and updated, this is a book no lover of mountain adventure can be without.
“Everest was a subject I thought I knew something about until reading this truly remarkable new book.” The New Yorker


6. Bushnell, G.H. “Peru” (01-425, Š-2287); Thames and Hudson, London, 1956.

Pages: 207; hardcover, in excellent condition, 71 photographs, 11 line drawings and a map.

Price: 1500 RSD
World, Travel

In this book  Dr. Bushnell brings to his subject a wealth of learning and presents it in a clear and palatable form. He brings the ancient peoples and places of the Peru within a comprehension to everyone. He describes the growth of Peru from the early hunters, through classical period and concludes with the imperialist period.



7. Crowder, Michael. “The Story of Nigeria” (03-541, Š-2571); Faber and Faber, London, 1962.

Pages: 307; hardcover, in good condition

Price: 1600 RSD

Nigeria, the largest single state in Africa, has a known history stretching back nearly two thousand years. Much of it has only been presented in the last two decades, the result of intensive research by Nigerian and European scholars, and much remains to be done. Michael Crowder’s book is an up-to date attempt to bring together the history in the light of this most recent research: to give the background of one of the most influential states in Africa.
“… a comprehensive general account of the history of Nigeria from as early a date as can be compassed up to the attainment of independence on October 1st, 1960…It is likely to become a standard work of reference…it is accurate and judicious.”  The Times Literary Supplement




8. Shouyi, Bai: “An Outline History of China” (00-924, Š-1902); Foreign Languages Press, Beijing, 2002.

Pages: 803; paperback, in excellent condition with few signatures and pen lines

Price: 1500 RSD

“An Outline History of China” gives a brief introduction to the long historical course of development of China from ancient times up to the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949. The book first gives an outline of contemporary Chinese geography, population, ethnicity and history. It then describes ancient human activities, and the social and historical meanings of ancient mythologies and legends, and gives a concise account of the rise and fall of the Xia, Shang, Zhou, Qin, Han, Wei, Jin, Sui, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. There follow, in detail or in brief, as appropriate, introductions to the politics, economy, military affairs, culture, laws, inventions, cultural relics, etiquette and customs, relationships between classes and ethnic groups in China, and between China and foreign countries, plus and enlightening description of the country’s modern social reforms.
This book is aimed at foreign university students, and readers at or above college level.


9. Palin, Michael: “Sahara” (00-881, Š-1371); Weidenfeld & Nicholson, London, 2002

Pages: 256; hardcover, in excellent condition.

Price: 1000 RSD

Starting and finishing his adventure in Gibraltar, Palin crosses the Strait to Morocco, and pauses in Fez and Marrakesh before traversing the mighty Atlas Mountains. In the stony, hostile wastes of Western Algeria he spends time in one of the refugee camps of the Saharawis, a population in exile. Then he heads south to Mauritania, where he rides the longest train in the world, finds a holy city and nearly gets run over by the Paris-Dakar Rally. Arriving in Dakar, he samples the city’s exhausting nightlife, then takes the train to the heart of Mali, home of great music, the largest mud building in the world and the great River Niger, on which Michael rides to the legendary city of Timbuktu. He walks with nomadic herders and rides with a Touareg camel caravan through Niger, scales the Hoggar Mountains and flies into the oilfields of Algeria, before investigating Libya and the stunning classical remains of Tunisia.
As the journey unfolds, the Sahara reveals not the emptiness of endless sand dunes, but a huge and diverse range of cultures and landscapes and a long history of civilization, trade, commerce and conquest.


10. Theroux, Paul: “The Old Patagonian Express (By Train Through the Americas)” (01-168, Š-1411); Penguin Books, London, 1980

Pages: 429, paperback, in excellent condition

Price: 800 RSD

Beginning his journey in Boston, where he boarded the subway commuter train, Paul Theroux travelled the length of North and South America, to his destination in Patagonia. Catching trains of all kinds, meeting fellow passengers both enthralling and repellent, Paul Theroux compiled this witty and sharply observed story of his voyage from Massachusetts and Illinois to the arid plateau of Argentina’s most southerly tip.

“This is travel writing at its most accomplished… even the bores are funny and human, and the description of homeless children is painfully unforgettable” – Sunday Telegraph



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