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Iz ponude Knjižare „Magelan“ sa velikim zadovoljstvom izdvajamo kolekciju starih i retkih knjiga na srpskom jeziku..



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Iz ponude Knjižare „Magelan“ sa velikim zadovoljstvom izdvajamo kolekciju starih i retkih knjiga na engleskom jeziku.

Od 141 do 190:


141. Mattingly, Garrett: “The Defeat of the Spanish Armada” ( Š - 2560; DB – 03-535)


Publisher: Book Club Associates, London, 1983
Pages: 384
Price: 1500 RSD

In putting the naval campaign of 1588 back into the context of the first great international crisis of modern history, Mattingly builds up like the movements of a symphony a broad picture of how events of the time affected men’s actions, plans and hopes. He brilliantly connects a series of scenes or episodes, shifting the point of focus from England to the continent and from courts to ships and cities. A feeling of tension mounts to a crescendo throughout Europe as the great drama of the Armada is approached. The battle itself and the aftermath are so vividly and poignantly described that they might be happening in our world today.


142. Iorizzo, Luciano: “Al  Capone – A Biography” (Š -  5453; DB – 03-916)
Publisher: Greenwood Press, Westport, CT, USA, 2003
Pages: 132
Price: 1000 RSD

For more than 70 years, Al Capone has been equated with wealth, violence and corruption. As America’s most infamous criminal, he has intrigued, attracted, and repulsed the general public with his legendary criminal deeds. This concise biography separates the myth from the man. Beginning with a historical look at corruption in American society – along with a clarification of the terms Black Hand, Mafia, and Organized Crime – Capone is presented in his own time and place. A timeline summarizes the events of his life and career.  Athorough bibliography of print and electronic sources will assist students and general readers seeking to perform further research, making it perfect for anyone interested in Capone’s life, organized crime, the prohibition era, and the struggle of lower-class Americans to rise in society.


143. Kerenyi, C: “The Gods of the Greeks” ( Š- 971; DB – 01-035)
Publisher: Thames and Hudson, London, 1967
Pages: 304
Price: 1200 RSD

Drawing on a wealth of sources, from Hesiod to Pausanias and from the Orphic Hymns to Proclus, Professor Kerenyi provides a clear and scholarly exposition of all the most important Greek myths. After a brief introduction, the complex genealogies of the gods lead him from the begettings of the Titans, from Aphrodite under all her titles and aspects, to the reign of Zeus, to Apollo and Hermes, touching the affairs of Pan, nymphs, satyrs, cosmogonies and the birth of mankind, until he reaches the ineffable mysteries of Dionysos. The lively and highly readable narrative is complemented by an appendix of detailed references to all the original texts and a fine selection of illustrations taken from vase paintings.


144. “The Complete Edgar Allan Poe Tales” ( Š -2655; DB – 03-653)

Publisher: Guild Publishing, London, 1984
Pages: 704
Price: 1600 RSD

Largely ignored throughout the author’s lifetime, the tales of Edgar Allan Poe, compiled here in their entirety, remain masterpieces of the short story genre more than a century after their original publication. The precursor of modern psychological writing, the detective story, and science fiction, Poe’s stories appear astonishingly modern to the contemporary reader.
Though he lived a short and tragic life, Poe made an enormous contribution to literature throughout the world. His ingenious stories will captivate readers for years to come.


145. Hingley, Ronald : « The Russian Mind » ( Š -1251 ; DB – 00-811)
Publisher : The Bodley Head, London, 1977
Pages : 246
Price : 1200 RSD

In this lively, searching study Ronald Hingley maps many previously unexplored areas of the notoriously enigmatic Russian mentality and supplies some startingly fresh insights.
Are the Russians life enhancers or life-deniers ? How do their emotions and their reasoning faculties interrelate ? When do they over-expose truth, and when do they keep their lips sealed ? How do they rate as social beings ? What is the real function of their much-advertised hospitality, what the all-important role of alcohol ? Did they invent campus revolutions, women’s lib, female political assassins and the cult of youth, long before these phenomena were recreated by the twentieth-century West ? How do the Soviet and Russian mentalities mix ?


146. Brown, Dee : « Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee » (Š - 5512 ; DB – 03-975)
Publisher : Vintage, London, 1991
Pages : 487
Price : 800 RSD

The American West, 1860-1890 – years of broken promises, disillusionment, war and massacre…
This epic bestseller tells the american Indians’ side of the story.  We see their faces, hear their voices as they strive to prevent the encroachment of miners, ranchers, saloon-keepers and soldiers upon their land, their heritage and, finally, their liberty.
Woven into an engrossing saga of cruelty, treachery and violence are the fascinating stories of such famous warriors and tribal chieftains as Sitting Bull, Cochise, Crazy Horse and Geronimo.


147. Roberts, David : « Shipwrecked on the Top of the World – Four Against the Arctic » ( Š - 2253 ; DB – 01-391)
Publisher : Little, Brown, London, 2004
Pages : 304
Price : 1500 RSD

In May 1743 fourteen walrus hunters set sail from the northernmost edge of Russia to Svalbard, above the Arctic circle. When their ship was blown off course and was caught in a massiveArctic icepack , four sailors went ashore in search of shelter. On return the ship they discovered, to their horror, that a gale in the night had drive nit out to sea and sunk it. The four men were now stranded on one of the most inhospitable lands in the world.
This remarkable story took David Roberts to Russia, where he met the last survivors of the sailors’ families ; and also to the barren island of Edgeoya in south-east Svalbard, where he searched for remnants of the sailors’ lost hut and pondered the men’s astonishing endurance.


148. Ewing Duncan, David : « The Calendar » ( Š- 2489 ; DB – 00-839)
Publisher : Fourth Estate, London, 1998
Pages : 340
Price : 1200 RSD

This is the first complete history of the calendar, and in it are tales of science, religion, superstition and politics of many ages from Ancient Egypt to the flowering of Indian and Islamic civilizations. Julius Caesar attempted to impose a unified calendar on his burgeoning empire, but he could not calculate exactly the length of the year. His Julian calendar gained time over the true solar year, leading to calls for reform during the middle ages, most notably by the British monk Roger Bacon.
The crucuble for the development of astronomy and mathematics, the calendar has always been the measure of how the world is understood and evaluated, and the object of fascination for the greatest scholars.


149. Cortazzi, Hugo : « Victorians in Japan » (Š - 1677 ; DB – 00-601)
Publisher : The Athlone press, London, 1987
Pages : 365
Price : 3000 RSD

An anthology of impressions, ‘snapshots’ and anecdotes – vignettes conveying vividly what it was like to be a foreigner in Japan in Victorian times. The focus is upon Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, Yokohama, Nagasaki and the other Treaty Ports and their vicinity This amusing and evocative book throws a revealing light both upon the Victorian experience of Japan and upon Japan itself.


150. Cory – Jones, Keith : « War Dogs » ( Š -4586 ; DB – 01-018)
Publisher : BCA, London, 1996
Pages : 261
Price : 900 RSD

This is a compelling narrative of a wild bunch of mercenaries working in Bosnia, told in the language of the men who are fighting and dying for a cause which is not their own. These are battle-hungry men addicted to the « buzz », the excitement of war, the comradeship of combat or the ultimate thrill of inconsequential killing. They are led by ex-British soldier, ex-foreign Legionnaire and now experienced mercenary, Kit Freeman, who until recently was the chief training officer of the Croatian Army’s only English speaking company. The mercenaries were there from the outbreak of hostilities in 1992. The story follows them as they move around the unpredictable Bosnian countryside, avoiding endless road-blocks, checkpoints, snipers, and engaging in firefights from an unknown and often unseen enemy.


151. Chandler, Charlotte : « It’s Only a Movie « – Alfred Hitchcock, A Personal Biography (Š -1466, DB – 01-120)
Publisher : Pocket Books, London, 2006
Pages : 349
Price : 1000 RSD

In his films, Alfred Hitchcock found the perfect expression for his fantasies and he shared them with the world in such favourite classics as The 39 Steps, Rear Window, North By Northwest, Vertigo, Psycho and The Birds. In IT’S ONLY A MOVIE, Charlotte Chandler draws from her conversations with Hitchcock, allowing him to speak for himself, offering revealing insights about the man and the director. Chandler also spoke with Hitchcock’s wife, Alma, and their daughter, Pat, as well as many of the stars who appeared in his films, among them Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, James Stewart, Sir John Gielgud, Tippi Hedren, Grace Kelly, Anthony Perkins and Janeth Lee.


152. Sealy, I. Allan : « The Everest Hotel » (Š -2534 ; DB – 00-702)
Publisher : Indian Ink, New Delhi, 1998
Pages : 330
Price : 1200 RSD

In the small town of Drummondganj under the shadow of the Himalayas stands the Everest, once an exclusive hotel now a home for the unwanted run by a small community of nuns.  The owner, Jed, sometime mountaneer and flower-hunter, ninety but still smouldering, lives on the roof from where he looks out across the cemetery at his beloved snows. Obsessed with writing the Drummondganj Book of the dead, he sees no visitors except his neighbour and disciple, the footlose bodybuilder Brij.
The arrival of Ritu, a young botanizing nun assigned to look after Jed skews matters both on the roof and in the garden where Thapaa retired gurkha soldier is mali and chowkidar.
Set against a backdrop of social and political unease and measured by the rhythmical changes of the seasons, The Everest Hotel is a rich, evocative and compelling read.


153. Jacques, Constance L. : « Locum in Istanbul » (Š - 1414 ; DB – 00-901)
Publisher : The Citadel Press, , GB, 1970
Pages : 176
Price : 1500 RSD

This is a travel book with a difference. Constance Jacques is the female half of a unique husband-and-wife writing team. When her husband, Canon John Jacques, went out to act as temporary Anglican Chaplain in istanbul, she went with him and this book is the record of their adventures there. Mrs. Jacques is a graceful writer as well as an energetic and untiring sightseer. She has a wonderful feeling for place and atmosphere. She knows the history of Istanbul and as she describes the buildings she evokes their spirit and their past in a fresh and stimulating way. This makes what she has written so much more than a guide book or travel story. It is an account of a personal journey of exploration into the past and present of a strange city which still possesses the beauty of an old and enchanted world.


154. De Botton, Alain : « The Art of Travel » (Š -1690 ; DB – 01-205)
Publisher : Penguin Books, London, 2003
Pages : 261
Price : 1000 RSD

Few activities seem to promise us as much happiness as going travelling : taking off for somewhere else, somewhere far from home, a place with more interesting weather, customs and landscapes. But although we are inundated with advice on where to travel to, we seldom ask why we go and how we might become more fulfilled by doing so.
With the help of a selection of writers, artists and thinkers – including Flaubert, edward Hopper, ordsworth and Van Gogh – alain de Botton’s bestselling The Art of Travel provides invaluable insights into everything from holiday romance to hotel minibars, airports to sightseeing.
The perfect antidote to those guides that tell us what to do when we get there , The Art of Travel tries to explain why we really went in teh first place – and helpfully suggests how we might be happier on our journeys.


155. Trewhitt, Philip : « Armoured Fighting Vehicles » (Š -6996 ; DB – 07-121)
Publisher : Grange Books, London, 2001
Pages : 320
Price : 1200 RSD

Armoured Fighting Vehicles is a compendium of the most important and influential military vehicles that have been in service since World War I. Starting with the crude and unreliable tanks of World War I, the book goes on to examine the military vehicles of World War II, tanks such as the Panther, Tiger, Sherman and T-34 – vehicles that transformed the art of land warfare. Armoured Fighting Vehicles also includes up-to-date fighting machines, such as the Abrams and Challenger tanks, and Warrior infantry fighting vehicles.
Each vehicle featured is illustrated by a full-colour side-profile artwork, and accompanied by a detailed specifications table giving country of origin, crew , weight, dimensions, armour, armament, powerplant and performance, all measurements in imperial and metric. In addition, there is accompanying text for each vehicle that summarises the vehicle’s development and service history.


156. Hobsbawm, Eric : « Uncommon People » (Š -1726 ; DB – 01-139)
Publisher : Abacus, London, 1999
Pages : 470
Price : 1000 RSD

Eric Hobsbawm’s penetrating and pioneering essays on labour history and social protest opened up a new field of study and set standards of wide-ranging, evocative, incisive analysis. Essays in this new collection include the formation of the British working class ; labour custom and traditions ; male and female images in revolutionary movements ; revolution and sex ; peasants and politics ; and the political radicalism of nineteenth-century shoemakers ;More recent essays include meditations on the May Day holiday ; the Vietnam War ; socialism and the avant-garde ; Mario Puzo, the Mafia and the Sicilian bandit Salvatore Giuliano ; and the cultural consequences of Christopher Columbus.
Throughout these essays runs a passionate concern for the lives and struggles of ordinary men and women – uncommon people, all of them.


157. Quinn, Tom : « London’s Strangest Tales » (Š- 6985 ; DB – 07-110)
Publisher : Portico, UK, 2008
Pages : 378
Price : 900 RSD

From the medieval human lavatory to the one-legged escalator tester, to the monarch who showed her breasts to a visiting ambassador, London’s Strangest Tales is a unique collection of extraordinary stories dating back more than a thousand years.
Within you will discover why part of London is built on Scottish soil, why the Bishop of Winchester owned a string of brothels, and why freemen of the City of London can still drive sheep over London Bridge and insist on being hanged with a silken rope.
This book also unravels some of London’s best kept secrets – it will tell you why at least one London church was built the wrong way round , why a poet chose to be buried bolt upright and wy, for centuries, many Londoners chose to go to prison to ger married!


158. Taylor, Roberta : « Too Many Mothers » (Š- 1571 ; DB – 00-353)
Publisher : Atlantic Books, London, 2006
Pages : 245
Price : 600 RSD

In this remarkable memoir, Roberta Taylor tells the story of her early life and the extended family that brought her up. Too Many Mothers is a portrait of an embattled family at war with itself and the outside world. From petty crime to pet monkeys, tender romance to emotional blackmail, illegitimacy, adoption and even murder, Roberta Taylor travelled to the emotional heart of her childhood and returned with a bittersweet memoir, as darkly funny as it is poignant.


159. Callec, Christian : « The Complete Encyclopedia of Wine » (Š -1686 ; DB – 00-999)
Publisher : Rebo, Netherlands, 2004
Pages : 320
Price : 2000 RSD

This encyclopedia is the result of a particularly interesting discovery voyage into a world of more than a thousand wines, a fantastic journey through dozens of different wine countries and cultures.
In this book, not only red, white, and rose wines are reviewed, but also sparkling wines such as Champagne, and the so-called « fortified » wines, such as Sherry, Port and Manzanilla. You can read about the origin of all wines, the way they are produced, how the grapes are grown and what combinations of grapes are possible to use for wine-making.
You will also read about the importance of the climateand the type of soil, and how these factors influence the wine. And, of course, the wine preparation itself, such as fermentation and maturization, is not left undescribed.


160. Milton, Giles : « Samurai William » (Š - 881 ; DB – 00-830)


Publisher : Hodder & Stoughton, GB, 2002
Pages : 400
Price : 1000 RSD

In the spring of 1611, London’s  merchants received an intriguing and wholly unexpected letter. Written by a marooned English mariner named William Adams, it revealed that he had been living in the unknown land of Japan for more than a decade. He had battled against typhoon and treachery, and risen to the highest levels in the ruling Shogun’s court.
Seven adventurers were sent to Japan with orders to find and befriend Adams. It was believed he held the key to exploiting the opulent riches of this forbidden land. When they finally stepped ashore, they were astonished to discover that William Adams had gone native.
« Samurai William » is a tale of two worlds. Illuminated by first-hand accounts, it is a fascinating story of the first Englishman to visit the forbidden lands of Japan.


161. Shaw, A.G.L:   The Story of Australia“(Š – 5509; DB – 03-971)
Publisher: Faber and Faber Limited, London, 1967
Pages: 332
Price: 1200 RSD

Professor Shaw’s general history of Australia has rapidly established itself as the best contemporary book of its kind and has already been twice reprinted. We learn something of the anthropology, the literature, the economics, and the geology of Australia as well as of its politics. His style is as incisive as his comment is illuminating. The author also presents the outline of the continent’s history from the opening-up of a wilderness to the emergence of the great nation we know today.


162. Shewan, Andrew: “The Great Days of Sail“(Š – 1812; DB – 01-190)
Publisher: Conway Classics, London, 1996
Pages: 240
Price: 1000 RSD

Captain Andrew Shewan (1849-1927) was the last surviving tea clipper captain and in his seventies set down his experiences in The Great Days of Sail, his only book. He and his father, and grandfather before him lived and worked through a period of the utmost importance for the history of sail. He tells his own story, and his descriptions are more vivid and real than the best academic historian has been able to produce.
This book is a unique, enthralling account of an exciting way of life by a captain who actually lived it, and who personified this thrilling and important era of the tea-clipper.


163. Richie, Donald: “A Lateral View – Essays on Contemporary Japan“ (Š – 1880; DB – 01-238)
Publisher: The Japan Times, Ltd., Tokyo, 1991
Pages: 245
Price: 1000 RSD

No one has written more entertainingly on the vagaries of the Japanese television, nor with more insight on the Japanese eroduction. And no one has come closer to defining that elusive quality of „Japaneseness“ than in these opening essays.
Donald also writes  about Japanese film, language, the communicative system of gestures, Japanese fashion, civic style and the kitsch of the capital.
In all, here is a collection which gives insight as well as pleasure; it is a book to delight in, a book to learn from.


164. Barros Prado, Eduardo: “The Lure of the Amazon“ (Š – 1388; DB – 00-879)
Publisher: The adventures Club, London, 1959
Pages: 175
Price: 1000 RSD

Eduardo Barros Prado was only twenty when he established an international reputation as guide to the expedition of Sir Hamilton Rice into hitherto unpenetrated regions of the Amazon. So profound was his knowledge of the great forests, of the Indian tribes who roamed them and of the majestic rivers flowing through them, that he treats his own outstanding discoveries almost nonchalantly.
This book is rich with incidents and unforgettable characters. For the timid it will confirm that the Amazon is best explored from an armchair; for the reader with a spirit of adventure, that the Amazon is still one of the most spell-binding territories on Earth.


165. Partner, Peter: “A Short Political Guide to the Arab World“ (Š – 2570; DB – 03-542)
Publisher: Frederick A. Praeger, Inc, New York, 1960
Pages: 141
Price: 1400

The book has a dual purpose of presenting a coherent and simple picture of the Middle Eastern politica scene, and also of putting Arab nationalism into its proper historical and cultural background. It describes the decline of the Ottoman Empire and the emergence of the „vital interests“ of teh Western powers during the early modern period.  Analyzing the political and economic geography of the ney Middle East as settled by the 1919 treaties, it depicts the social and economic problems which are peculiar to this „undeveloped area“. The main narrative section of the book describes the rise of modern Arab nationalism and the entry of Russia on the Middle Eastern scene. Nasser gets full attention, and so does the Communist problem, both inside and outside Iraq. The story is brought down to the present.


166. Ogrizek, Dore: “Greece“ (Š – 1268; DB – 00-846)
Publisher: McGraw – Hill, New York, 1955
Pages: 416
Price: 1000 RSD

Few books about Greece have been as comprehensive as this volume in the McGraw – Hill World in Colour series. For leisurely travellers making their first visit, for those to whom Greece is an old friend to be visited again and again, it is the ideal guide book. But it is also much more than a guide. As with all other World in Colour titles, it presents an authentic story in word and picture of the country, its people, its history, its way of life. This is an essential book not only for the traveller but also for the general reader whose bookshelves are passports to armchair travel.


167. Van Der Post, Laurens: “ Journey Into Russia“ (Š – 1421;  DB – 01-202)
Publisher: The Reprint Society, London, 1965
Pages: 319
Price: 2200 RSD

Colonel Van der Post yent to Russia with an open mind. He was neither anti nor pro-communist, he did not go to prove any particular social or political theory. He saw the Russian nation as a collection of individual people. And the only way to understand them was to get amongst them and talk to them. This he succeeded in doing to a remarkable degree.
One of the fascinations of this long and richly satisfying book is the way in which the author brings the colours and sounds and smells of Russi alive. He conveys vividly the sense of vast distance and space, the excitement of a gret nation on the move, the enchantment of an infinitely varied landscape, and the innate generosity and friendliness of ordinary Russian people.


168. Smith, Anthony: “Blind White Fish in Persia“ (Š – 1393; DB – 01-199)
Publisher: George Allen and Unwin, Ltd., London, 1955
Pages: 231
Price: 1000 RSD

What happens when four scientists blunder into the village life of the East? Anthony smith and three other Oxford undergraduates, having travelled to Persia in a second-hand lorry, lived for a time in some villages in the South of Persia. One of the ir objects was to discover if blind white fish lived, as had been reported, in the artificial underground water channels of that region. At all times they observed the people and the country, closely. An important part of their scientific programme was the study of the Persian qanat system which brings the bulk of the country’s water to the surface. Practically nothing else had been published about this astonishing system and certainly no photographs have been published before.


169. Gribble, Kate: “The Lovers’ Book“ (Š – 4567; DB – 00-771)
Publisher: Michael O’Mara books, London, 2008
Pages: 159
Price: 900 RSD

The lover who’s best at everything knows that the best way to charm their other half is with thoughtful gestures tailored to their soulmate’s idiosxncracies. After all, you’re the person who knows your lover best. Every now and then, though, even the best lovers need a little inspiration for romantic deeds. The Lovers’ Book is a treasure trove of idyllic ideas and soulful suggestions that will make your partner fall head over heels in love with you – again and again.
Learn how to make a home-made Valentine’s card, to personalize an advent calendar, to prepare the perfect breakfast in bed, and to write a love poem. This book also takes a look at the most famous lovers of all time, reviews the tradition of courtly love, investigates the history of Valentine’s Day and records real-lifeinstances of remarkable romance.


170. Van der Meer, F: “Shorter Atlas of Western Civilization“ (Š – 1016; DB – 00-809)
Publisher: Nelson, London, 1967
Pages: 224
Price: 1000 RSD

The Shorter Atlas of Western Civilization is an outstandingly attractive and useful addition to the series of art-historical atlases which Nelson had published. The commentary, by Professor Van der Meer, highlights the essential themes which can still be traced as having provided the foundation for Western man’s cultural thinking today. Starting with the formative period of art, literature andphilosophy during the “Golden Age“ of Greece, he shows how these roots have constantly been reborn and developed through the various ages of darkness and enlightenment, and how, indeed, they may still guide us in teh future.


171. Bradford, Ernle: “Cleopatra“ ( Š – 1481; DB – 00-127)
Publisher: Penguin Books, London, 2000
Pages: 279
Price: 1500 RSD

The “Queen of the Nile“ was only seventeen when she ascended the throne of Egypt in 51 BC. This ambitious young woman – married to her younger brother and co-ruler Ptolemy XIII – watched the savage struggle between Caesar and Pompey, hoping that Rome would destroy itself in the process. This astute politician devoted her life to trying to save the Kongdom of Egypt from domination by the Romans. That she became the lover of both Caesar and Marc Antony was perhaps prompted by political considerations rather than passion.
Ernle Bradford is the author of Mediterranean, Ulysses Found and The Great Siege. His special knowledge of the Mediterranean world and his exceptional powers of description and histroical reconstruction bring to life this illustrated biography of one of the world’s legendary women.


172. Peter, Josh: “Fried Twinkies Buckle Bunnies & Bull Riders“ – A Year Inside the Professional Bull Riders Tour ( Š – 2561; DB – 03-546)
Publisher: Weidenfeld & Nicholson, London, 2006
Pages: 246
Price: 1600 RSD

In 2004 journalist Josh Peter spent ten months trailing the jingling spurs, explosive pyrotechnics, colourful costumes and blaring rock muc+sic of the Professional Bull Riders tour from Jacksonville, Florida, to its final white-knuckle showdown in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Against the backdrop of an ever-changing leader board, Peter weaves the dramatic story of the 29-stop tour – the comebacks, the terrifying wrecks and horrific injuries, bar fights and behind-the-scenes politics – with those of the tour’s larger-than-life personalities.


173. Farwell, Josh: “Last Days in Paradise“ (Š – 1375; DB – 00-892)
Publisher: The Travel Book Club, London, 1964
Pages: 222
Price: 1000 RSD

In the beginning of 40s, when he was only 21, George Farwell achieved what most of us only day-dream about. He lived for eighteen months on Tahiti – the legendary Tahiti of Gauguin and Rupert Brooke. The memory has haunted him ever since, he confesses: so he went back, with his Italian wife Noni, to rediscover paradise.
Now he describes what he found there, with fascinating readability, in a book which – half travelogue, half social enquiry – recaptures the glamour while being strictly objective and hard-headed about it.


174. Savage, George: “The Antique Collector’s Handbook“ ( Š – 1685; DB – 00-985)
Publisher: Spring Books, London, 1969
Pages: 304
Price: 2000 RSD

Going to an auction sale? Visiting a street market or antique shop? Whether you are a beginner at collecting antiques or are more experienced, this is the book to take with you.
This new and completely revised edition of  THE ANTIQUE COLLECTOR’S HANDBOOK tells you the important points to look for in the major groups of antiques – ceramics, silver, glass, furniture, carpets and textiles. It also guides you through the maze of difficulties inherent in the buying, selling and collecting of these precious objects.


175. Armstrong, Karen: “Islam – a Short History“ (Š – 2722; DB – 03-649)
Publisher: Phoenix, London, 2001
Pages: 192
Price: 1000 RSD
Religion, History

One of the greatest of the world religions through the 1500 wears of its existence, Islam has also been by far the most misunderstood. The Western world has undergone a complete revolution of thought in recent centuries, but its mistrust of Islam is still essentially medieval.
Karen Armstrong’s book cuts through the cliche to reveal a faith which has inspired as many scholars, mystics and poets as soldiers. Islam, she makes clear, has not only been one of the world’s most important and inspiring religions but the basis for one of its most illustrious civilizations.


176. Champ, Hamish: “The 100 Best Selling Albums of the 70s“ (Š – 2156; DB – 03-450)
Publisher: Igloo, London, 2005
Pages: 224
Price: 1500 RSD

From disco and glam rock to stadium-filling supergroups, 1970s pop was all about excess. But the decade gave us more than flares and big hair, it also produced some classic albums by artists such as Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin.
Albums of the 70s is the essential guide to the 100 best-selling albums of the decade, based on gold and platinum sales awards. From Saturday Night Fever to Hotel California, all the period’s top selling albums are featured, together with original sleeve artworks. Each entry is packed full of information, including a full track lsiting, musician and production credits and facts about the album. A fascinating companion guide for anyone with a passion for 1970s music.


177. Nock, O.S: “Historic Railway Disasters“ (Š – 5458; DB – 03-921)
Publisher: Ian Allan, London, 1966
Pages: 169
Price: 1200 RSD

The history of railway accidents is much more than that of drama, human frailty and suffering. Behind it, over the years, can be traced the gradual development of safety measures in railway operating practice; imprivements in material and design, and the provision of devices to ease the strain of working during periods of intense traffic. In this book O.S. Nock, taking a number of serious accidents as examples, traces the development of train working from time interval block, and telegraphic train orders to modern methods of operating.


178. Marquard, Leo: “The Story of South Africa“ (Š – 2544; DB – 03-519)
Publisher: Faber and Faber Limited, London
Pages: 264
Price: 1400 RSD

This is straight history, not concealed politics. The book begins with a lively description of the earliest Dutch settlement of the Cape. As it moves on, through the advent of the British, to the discivery of diamonds and then of gold, and traces the stages of the Boer War andits settlement, it remains unprejudiced and yet always interesting.
The historical background to the current racial and political perplexities of the Union of South Africa is sketched as well as it ever has been by Mr Marquard.


179. Hogg, Ian: “Twentieth-Century Artillery“ (Š – 6995; DB – 07-120)
Publisher: Grange Books, London, 2001
Pages: 320
Price: 1200 RSD

Twentieth-Century Artillery brings together the most important examples of artillery used or designed this century in one comprehensive volume. Beginning with the guns that pounded the trenches in World War I, and the giant calibres of „Big Bertha“, „Schlanke Emma“, and the Paris gun, the book details all the major forms of artillery in service throughout the century. From hand-held anti-tank devices, anti-aircraft guns and field pieces of World War II to the latest tactical and strategic missiles, this book provides a wide survey of the development and use of artillery, with the entries conveniently placed into categories for easy reference.


180. Odendaal, Francois: “Rafting the Amazon“ (Š – 2707; DB – 03-626)
Publisher: BCA, London, 1992
Pages: 206
Price: 1400 RSD

Rafting the Amazon is francois Odendaal’s extraordinary account of how he fulfilled his dream to travel the length of the longest and most powerful river in the world, from its source high in the Andes to the sea. It is a story of adventure, courage and personal discovery covering three separate expeditions, the last of which is featured in a major BBC television series, Classic adventure.
Francois and his team began their first attempt in 1981 with a gruelling ascent of the andes. Driven on by his obsession to find the very first trickle of the Amazon, Francois pushes himself to the limit and comes close to death in the thin air of the mountains.


181. Trevelyan, George Macaulay: “Garibaldi and the Thousand“ (Š – 1476; DB – 00-358)
Publisher: Longmans, Green & Co., London, 1948
Pages: 395
Price: 1500 RSD

This book is the second in a famous trilogy, preceded by „Garibaldi and teh Defence of the Roman Republic“ and followed by „Garibaldi and the Making of Italy“. The book opens with Garibaldi’s wanderings in exile, after the fall of teh short-lived Roman Republic in 1849. It describes his recall by Victor Emmanuel and Cavour to lead the irregular campaign against the Austrians, and the formation of the „Thousand“ whom he led in Sicily, where an army of doctors, dentists, lawyers and bankers fought a Neopolitan garrison of twenty thousand.
The volume ends with a triumphant capture of Palermo, which marker the first step in the liberation of Sicily and the establishing of Italian unity.


182. Lo Brutto, Vincent: “Stanley Kubrick“ (Š – 1543; DB – 00-355)
Publisher: Faber and Faber, London, 1998
Pages: 579
Price: 2000 RSD

Even as a teenager, Stanley Kubrick was documenting his world through photography. When he sold his first photograph at the age of seventeen, Kubrick had already begun telling stories through pictures. He was without any formal education in film-making, but thought himself through photography and by spending many hours in his neighbourhood movie theatre. At twenty-one, he financed and created his short film, Day of the Fight, completely on his own, thus beginning a career in cinema that includes such masterworks as 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, Dr Strangelove and The Shining.


183. Martin, Jay: “Always Merry And Bright“ (The Life of Henry Miller) (Š – 1505; DB – 00-363)
Publisher: Heldon Press, London, 1979
Pages: 560
Price: 2000 RSD

Always Merry And Bright is Henry Miller’s full life story, from his boyhood in Brooklyn, his years in Paris with Anais Nin, lawrence Durrell, his memorable stay in Greece  with Katsimbalis, his return to America and cross-continental journey with Abraham Rattner, his settling in Big Sur  with his third wife and and raising a son and daughter, and his later years in pacific Palisades.
While Miller has devoted his career  to writing about his life as an artist, from the inside out, Jay Martin brings us teh worldly view, creating a clear literary likeness of how Miller was seen from the outside.


184. Allen, Benedict: “The Faber Book of Exploration“ (Š – 1353; DB – 01-301)
Publisher: Faber and Faber, London, 2002
Pages: 800
Price: 1500 RSD

What does it feel like to walk off the edge of a map? To emerge dazed, dying yet triumphant, from the Amazon? Benedict Allen’s anthology of human exploration ranges across various terrain – hot and cold deserts, mountains and plains, jungles and high sea – and presents the words of those who, through the centuries – be they Vikings or missionaries, conquistadors or botanists – have set off into „the unknown“.


185. Andrew, Jim: “Twelve Ships A-Sailing“ (Š – 1910; DB – 01-157)
Publisher: David & Charles, London, 1986
Pages: 231
Price: 1500 RSD

Jim Andrews has over a half a lifetime’s seagoing experience in a wide variety of craft. In camping-dinghies and spritsail barges, catamarans and comfortable ketches, sloops and cutters, he has experienced firsthand their sailing characteristics amongst the principal cruising-grounds around the British Isles, with one excursion abroad.  The mistakes made and the lessons learned along the way provide valuable tips on pilotage, building, buying, trailer-sailing, hulls and rigs, charter-work, weatherlore, provisioning, safety and seamanship.
Fully illustrated with the author’s line sketches, track-charts and photographs, Twelve ships A-Sailing will tempt those sailors eager to know what lies around the enxt headland to start planning their next holiday cruise.


186. Kenyon, Olga: “800 Years of Women’s Letters“ (Š – 1437; DB – 01-104)
Publisher: Alan Sutton, Great Britain, 1992
Pages: 298
Price: 1000 RSD

In this engrossing anthology, the first truly comprehensive study of women’s letters, Olga Kenyon explores the tradition of female letter-writing from the twelfth century to the present day. One of the few „allowable“ forms of written expression  open to women until the 18th century – even Jane Austen at first pretended her drawing-room scribbling was letters rather than the novel she was really working on – these private letters detail their daily life, their sorrows and joys, small achievements and the great rites of passage of birth, death and marriage.


187. Bryson, Bill: “The Lost Continent“ (Š – 1412; DB – 01-221)
Publisher: Abacus, London, 1997
Pages: 293
Price. 800 RSD

And, as soon as Bill Bryson was old enough, he left. After ten wears in England he returnded to the land of his wouth, and drove almost 14,000 miles in search of a mythical small town called Amalgam, the kind of smiling village where he films of his youth were set. Instead he drove through a series  of horrific burgs which he renamed Smellville, Fartville, Coleslaw, Dead Squaw, Coma, Doldrum. At best his search led him to Anywhere, USA; a lookalike strip of gas stations, motels and hamburger outlets populated by obese and slow-witted hicks with a partiality for synthetic fibres. He found a continent that was doubly lost; lost to itself because blighted by greed, pollution, mobile homes and television; lost to him because he had become a foreigner in his own country.


188. Corle, Edwin: “The Story of The Grand Canyon“ ( Š – 1876; DB – 01-156)
Publisher: Sampson Low, Marston & Co Ltd., London, 1948
Pages: 245
Price: 1500 RSD

The Story of The Grand Canyon unfolds the grandeur of a fabulous part of America as only a skilled and sensitive writer could do it. Here is a book packed with fascinating incident, odd bits of history, legend, and lore; with vividly written portraits of early explorers, scientists, pioneers, dare-devils and fools.
The book contains much material that has never before been published: Escalante’s diary provides the basis for one of the most engrossing sections of the book; the storyof the ill-fated bride and groom who lost their lives in teh Grand canyon has never been told before; and the author’s treatment of teh coronado expedition is highly original, as is his story of a visit to the home of the Havasupai Indians in the famous land of the Sky Blue Water.


189. Creighton, Donald: “The Story of Canada“ (Š – 1278; DB – 00-813)
Publisher: Faber and Faber, London, 1959
Pages: 291
Price: 1200 RSD

Canada is now recognized to be one of the most important countries in the world: a force to be reckoned with in international deliberations and a land of great wealth and emergent power. There could be no better guide than Donald Creighton, Professor of History at the Universuty of Toronto, who is not only an extremely distinguished historian but also an able writer very much alive to the realities of modern politics. He has written here a brilliant and stimulating short account of four hundred years of Canadian history, culminating in a chapter on Canada’s „First Elizabethan Age“, which holds such great promise.


190. Slatta, Richard: “Cowboys of the Americas“ (Š – 1785; DB – 01-250)
Publisher: Yale University Press, London, 1990
Pages: 306
Price: 2000 RSD

Lavishly illustrated with photographs, artworks, and posters, Cowboys of the Americas evokes the colourful world of North and South American cowboys in pictures and words. Quoting extensively from first-hand descriptions of cowboy and ranch life, Slatta provides fascinating vignettes of the cowboy in the American and Canadian West, as well as of Hawaii’s paniolo, Mexico’s vaquero, Venezuela’s llanero, Chile’s huaso, and Argentina’s gaucho. Slatta takes the reader along with the cowboy to roundups and trail drives, horse races, campfires, saloons and brothels. He reveals the harsh reality of frontier racial conflict and Indian wars. And he discusses the changes  that overtook the cowboy as farmers, immigrants, and technology pushed across the plains, transforming the old way of life in the saddle and leaving the cowboy image alive only in myth and popular culture.



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